Peter The One Who Got Out of the Boat

photo by: Artem Povarov

It’s always puzzled me why we spend so much time trying to be good when Peter, the most daring disciple, was the bull-nosed one, defiant, and bold. His life shows us it’s ok to make mistakes … like cutting off a soldier’s ear, walking on water then sinking on water, denying the Christ.  He undeniably showed us t’s OK to make mistakes!

Being in the presence of women every week who like Peter have impulsively put their foot out of the boat in the storm in hopes of walking on water, reminds me of their “true grit.”  They make the most potent believers because they are not afraid to go for it.  They’ll be the first ones out of the boat. The very quality in them that pulls them out into adventure, also gets them into trouble.  The goal to be “good” apart from the bold heart to get out of the boat and walk on water does not serve the rest of us. Those persons in society who know how to obey rules, show up for work, do the daily routines, yet lack a zest a luster for life.   I often wonder who is making the biggest mistake… And which heart I want to have in my life. I guess that’s why I volunteer at Rainbow. The women there are not so unlike me and together we are learning to get out of the boat with our eyes on Jesus and walk on water.

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