Divine Order

Paul Manwaring gave an awesome teaching on the topic of “Divine Order.” It has had an impact on the way I see the Kingdom of Heaven and I would like to share a summary that I wrote if you are interested in learning more!

February 26, 2012

Bethel Church, Redding California


“Divine Order has been interpreted through the lenses of order on earth, yet we need to understand the difference: Divine order cannot be mistaken for the Gift of 1 Corinthians 12:28, Administration, where we risk reduce it to: “Everything we can do without God.” This is making a big mistake. Divine order relies and trusts in God to fulfill His plan. “As it is in heaven…”


Despite all the planning and organization the end result of our destiny does not ultimately rely on our organization or human order.


Sidenote: The Message translates I Corinthians 12:28

“You are Christ’s body—that’s who you are! You must never forget this. Only as you accept your part of that body does your “part” mean anything. You’re familiar with some of the parts that God has formed in his church, which is his “body”:
miracle workers
those who pray in tongues.

It’s not all Apostle, not all Prophet, not all Miracle Worker, not all Healer, not all Prayer in Tongues, not all Interpreter of Tongues. And yet some of you keep competing for so-called “important” parts.  But now I want to lay out a far better way for you.”


People will always almost naturally divide over things. We have a natural inclination to polarize; it’s something in the human psyche. Yet that isn’t the way that God intends us to be. Reformation overcomes the differences/denominationalism [using the tension between them to produce an action, change].


Tension is created when a mandate looks different than what is seen, [when a promise exists but the reality of that promise is far off].

Tension is a natural part of life. It hits humanity on three levels:

1) Body

You cannot sustain physical life without being in physical tension, ie, testing aircrafts puts tension on wings to see how strong they are

2) Emotionally

Right now you have access to competing emotions hitting your brain, ie, good news and bad news.

3) Spiritual tension is necessary for spiritual health.

Why do we have difficulty living in spiritual tension? If I were a violin player I would want to make sure that the strings on my violin are tense enough to release energy because if they’re not they won’t fire a note.


The more we understand how to live in the tension the more we can have energy for divine order which exists in that tension.  It is not fixed. It is moving, animate, living, found between heaven and earth, existing tomorrow, behind us, before us, between yesterday and tomorrow.


Life is like a Dance between me and God, Divine order between me and life, me and circumstances, me and history, me and tests, me and prophesies. Sometimes I tread on His feet as we dance and get the rhythm wrong and he just keeps dancing.


Bill Johnson says: “God gives us permission to live in mystery. I will not sacrifice on the alter of human reasoning for something I do not understand. If you have no mystery in your life you have a God of your understanding.”


God’s emotions are his glory. He’s capable of many emotions at the same time. He is the legitimacy of living in tension.

We are made in His image. In all His complexity, all at the same time, He is able to engage in every emotion at once.  God can feel a deep deep sadness and a deep deep joy at the same time as we too feel this in the deep bereavement of a loved one. To feel deep sadness and deep joy at the same time. We are not actually mentally ill at that moment! God is every emotion all at the same time. His ability to live in tension is somehow an aspect of His very nature.

God is able to be all of it. Divine order is found in that.


If you are sitting with a circumstance that is so radically different than the promises of your life, you should be rejoicing with that because it is within that the energy of heaven is released to bring about the divine order that is meant of your life.


God says, “Whatever you throw at me I’ll turn it around because I’m so good at turning junk into something beautiful.”


Jacob’s life is divine order. Through the revelations of God in his life he took his 12 sons, created by 4 mothers, together, and blessed them, and not just blessed them but blessed them so that when they live through 412 years of slavery they still know who they are when they come out the other end.  This is God’s divine order because God had a vision for the people of Israel so he takes everything along the way and turns it around to fulfill His purpost. Romans 8:28… He also has a vision as these “other” things are happening in our lives.


Is 9:7

Misraw, Hebrew word

Misraw/Governement is Related to Sarah

Sarah is related to Israel

Gov’t, Sarah, and Israel all three words related to eachother.

When you look at Israel, you see heavens purpose for gov’t, which is divine order, which is God taking every mess and bringing it to the ultimate vision.

He’ll take every mess you through at him and turn it around and has a vision for the rest of your life. Sarah means to “have power as a prince” which really means when we take Misraw, Israel has power to rule like a prince. True gov’t has the power to rule as a prince.


It is God’s ultimate expression through out history. Expressed in time and through geographic locations It doesn’t require all the answers. Walk in relationship and obedience with God. It requires faith , walk in that place of tension to protect our distincitves, to live without compromise but also at the same time to be prepared to live in tension.


Position yourself for divine order. God wants to take us through all the bumbling steps and sort it all out. As the presence is attracted to us the presence more and more guides us to where we are supposed to be going. I stepped into divine order because I said yes to my wife in marriage, stepped on a plane after 9/11 stepped into a place of tension by moving to Bethel and from there divine order started to kick in to our lives.


Divine order requires faith.

Divine order is animate.

Divine order brings life.

Divine order attracts the presence.

Divine order exists in heaven first.

Divine order creates life.

Divine order is driven by the zeal of God.

Divine order is waiting to happen.

Divine order requires faith.

We have been given the power to rule as princes.


Give yourself permission to live in tension, intentionally!

Any place in your life where you feel inclined to shut down tension, to lock into one opinion, on stuff that we do not need to divide over. Learn to live and give yourself permission to live in tension in ministry. To live in circumstances and the prophetic word. You need that tension that energy to live in the promises of God. We must keep connected to the impossible, the outrageous promises of God because without  that we will reduce our dreams to what we can do without God and that is not what we need. Understand the times so you know what to do next.

Rainbow Prison Ministries.com

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The Significance of A Rainbow


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Victor & Victoria

Isaiah 2:2
It shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be [firmly] established as the highest of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills, and all nations shall flow to it.

The Rainbow Mountains, set in an obscure little town in Fallbrook California, attract people from around the world because of their splendor!  These are the mountains where the inmate population of Rainbow Conservation Camp hike to stay fit and practice for fighting fires. Many nations are represented in the female residents there.  This is true of our volunteer staff as well. Some have visited from Africa, and a pastor couple from the Ukraine named Victor and Victoria!  Victor is a very active leader in his community. He was born into a communist, atheist community and his mother prayed for him everyday. He began to have a desire to read the New Testament in the Bible. He read it and was filled with faith and began to believe in Jesus. My friend emailed me about hosting them for a couple of days in my home and I jumped on the opportunity!  An empty nester myself, it was a thrill to hear the stories from this energetic couple and to invite them to come to Rainbow with us and meet the inmates.

Then I heard a quiet voice whisper, “You’re going to get hit between the eyes with this one.” I had invited them already so I wondered what exactly would be hitting me between the eyes!

One of the ways we worship with the women at Rainbow is with colorful banners, hand painted from Toowoomba Australia.  When a woman is singing and holding a banner, her head is lifted up and she is taking ahold of something. In this case, pictures painted on the flags that represent hopeful prospects for their future involving a loving powerful God. Within minutes of meeting this young couple from across the Ukraine, I felt a zeal in them that I had lost. Their candor, honesty, and dedication to others in need was stunning. Victor sat down with me at the kitchen table viewing my picture books from a recent trip to Cali Colombia where I took my banners and shared them with churches doing outreaches in communities where violence and death were a regular part of life.  As he viewed all these flags the people were holding, I made a little apology thinking it might appear odd to him (as it has to some!) Yet he snapped back without hesitation, “No!  This is very powerful!”  First hit between the eyes. “I do not need to be ashamed, or explain things that I do that have meaning even if most do not understand.” Without realizing it, he had affirmed my heart for celebration and without even knowing me, he recognized the impact behind what we were sharing with other nations.

Having someone stay in your home from a very poor town will make you realize anew, just how fortunate we are in America.  We’d had a conversation that morning about the Iron Curtain coming down, the influx of materialism, and the waning interest in the gospel in the US because of distractions holding people back from a spiritual focus. Suddenly a team of cleaning angels began bustling around my house, my housekeepers who help me out twice a month. I suddenly realized just how big my house was and felt the privilege of my life here.

Rainbow Camp is a prison. It is an institution where people lose their freedom. But they have freedom to lose unlike other people who live in parts of the world where freedom is not enjoyed as a citizen’s right or daily commodity. I was eager to bring this vibrant Ukrainian couple with us to Rainbow. We arrived, and welcomed the women as they entered the training room where our meetings are held.  Volunteers from around the country and throughout the world come up with us to share their lives with the women who have lost for a time the privilege of living with their families.

Victor told me the story of his Mother’s conversion  “My mother found Jesus in a very dark, very isolated time in our history. He just revealed Himself to her.  In my country the churches are dark… grey … dead.  She began to pray for me when I was 17.  She didn’t invite me to church.  She didn’t talk to me.  She just prayed.  Suddenly, I had a burning desire to read the New Testament.  I began to laugh until my cheeks were hurting.  Where is this joy coming from?!  All my Mom did was pray for me and God came to me and revealed Himself to my heart.”

The love of our team, the warmth of the worship, the fire of our prayers, is the hallmark of Rainbow.  Any person, from any country, color, culture, creed, can find God’s love there with their color skin on.

Imagine the day, in Isaiah 2:2 when all nations “shall flow into the mountain of the Lord.”  Muslim nations, Buddhist nations, Hindu nations.  All one through faith in God, all accepted into the beloved.  This is the hallmark of the “Bow” on Rainbow mountain.  God’s family.  Our real home.  My hope for God’s promise burns brighter after meeting Victor and Victoria!

Isaiah 54:3
For you will spread abroad to the right hand and to the left; and your offspring will possess the nations and make the desolate cities to be inhabited.


Rainbow Prison Ministries


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Sunflowers in July

Photo by noe

Tonight as we arrived at Rainbow Prison for Women, dozens of bright yellow sunflowers in large white tubs were lined up at the end of the driveway like cones in a race.  As the announcement was made on the loud speaker that we’d arrived, each woman was given a sunflower at the check-in window.  Just a few yards away where our meeting was held, each one walked in with their bright, bold sunflowers!  It was a night set apart with a token of hope in held in their hands, and a story in the shadows that would grip my heart like no other.


I chatted with a new inmate named Susan, a tanned, vibrant 40 year old with an athletic build and sassy short hair resembling a professional tennis player.  She shocked me by revealing she had nine children!  “One passed,” she blurted out as we were talking.  Shocked again, I inquired, “Which one?” She briefly exposed the guts of her heart wrenching story.  Her eleven year old twin daughter was tragically raped by a sixteen year old boy and uncontrollably developed a staff infection … and was gone three months later.  I was speechless.  The gleam in Susan’s eye startled me with hope.


I stood there in utter shock and repulsion, yet her expression held my attention as she continued, “My daughter’s story is one of forgiveness.”  Then it happened.  A spotlight shined on this moment as I intuitively knew Susan’s daughter’s story had a powerful ending.  My plan for the evening talk flashed before me, now including a new slot for her to share her story with us.


Joel, my husband, finished up singing Heart of Worship, and Susan whispered to me, “That song is always special to me as it was played at my daughter’s funeral.”  Then she added, “She also requested a special video be played at her service.”  Susan proceeded to tell us that her daughter had one obsession the week before her death, and that was forgiveness for the boy who hurt her.  An eleven year old who was dying of an infection by a rapist was moved with one final mission before she left the earth.  “Mom, I want you to get the family together to make a video of me that I can show in court.  This is my last request for all of us to forgive the boy that did this to me.”  Her Mom said, “I couldn’t fight it, it was a ‘God thing.” Her daughter made the video for the court asking that the judge not give a long sentence, that she’d forgiven him, and her hope was that he would get help and not spend the rest of his life in prison.


As Susan shared her story I felt the weight of transformation beyond what is normal, natural, or ordinary.  We hear stories every week, and some stand out from the others; the fury of this crime had gripped her husband whom she admitted was on a two week watch where someone was with him at all times, to prevent him from taking revenge against the young man who harmed his daughter.  Looking around the room as Susan shared this with the other inmates, I asked the rest of the women to pick up their sunflowers and gather together in a circle.  Each one took a turn speaking to the Susan, telling her how her bravery, honesty, and hope had helped them that night.  Susan said to the women, “You know, there’s a lot that we have to put up with here in prison, but ever since my daughter died and I remember how she forgave, I tell myself when stuff happens, ‘It’s just not a big deal.’  It puts all the other challenges in life in perspective for me … and it will for you too.”


The women stood in silence, some weeping.  They held their sunflowers as we prayed asking God for the strength to forgive those who have offended, used, or hurt us remembering the choice of an amazing eleven year old girl.  We sensed her presence, her essence and she was very real.


On the way home I remembered a friendship where a wall had come between us.  I remembered the buckets of sunflowers and hoped that in time, forgiveness would work a little miracle there too.  “It’ just not that big a deal,” in the scheme of things.  “God has us in the palm of His hands and He’ll take care of us.”

Rainbow Prison Ministries 


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“Beautiful one.”  That was what I called our new woman at Rainbow tonight.  It just rolled off my tongue. Often the very words of God come out of our mouths spoken to women we don’t even know because He knows their name. Every prisoner who walks through the meeting room door has more than her birth name. She has a new name.  Yet at times every incarcerated woman at Rainbow feels alone.  She is a number.  She wears her number on her uniform. She has one cot to sleep on, one chest of belongings to rummage through, one place in line to stand, and one captain to answer to. No family in her room. No home to call her own. She’s one and alone, yet she’s “one” the Shepherd has His eye on….

Lost and Found. A new name.  One wandering sheep that “stole” the attention of the Shepherd… could that mean when we’re off the path, we snatch God’s attention?  Imagine it!  The jeopardy of a Shepherd leaving ninety-nine to check out the one risk-taker sheep head hanging out by a treacherous cliff. The evidence is there.  The biblical parable tells us the 99 sheep — doing well in green pastures — are abandoned to save the little black sheep wandering towards its demise. He sees that one wandering sheep as His.  One on a journey who has wandered off. He doesn’t focus on its badness.  He focuses on what belongs to Him.

As we worshiped tonight with Jake and Kelly, I saw the gentle spirit of God move in resting on the ladies sitting in a semi-circle, slowly, predictably, melting in His presence.  “Peace does not mean the absence of activity, but the presence of rest,” Jake said.

Are any one of us every “unwanted” when our Shepherd risks all, and leaves the 99 to go find us?  One new woman, masculine, dark, alone,  heard His truth  “You are perfect.”  She never heard that before I’m sure of it. Yet that is what God whispered to her, “God says you are perfect to Him and He loves your heart.”  I could feel her holding back the sobs. “Will you let Him in?”   One.  She felt the lies melting off her like candle wax and she was left standing in a pure light.

A single sheep in a pasture.  It catches my eye.  It is alive and well and a symbol of every person’s vulnerability without a Shepherd.  “He sets me in a spacious place.”  The presence of a loving God takes us away from our cramped, slippery, perilous place of wandering, of treacherous failure, and pulls us back in close to His bossom.  Where we can hear His voice again, where He speaks, “You are mine.  I’m not going to let you go.  My strength will fill you now.  My love will melt you now.  Can you see?  You are important to me.  I don’t see your flaws.  I see your heart.  And that’s what I’m after my little one.  That’s what I love….”  October 2009

Rainbow Prison Ministries


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Miracles on the Fire-line


Photograph by Mark Thiessen

After hearing news of California Firestorm all the way from Colombia, Marcy Macmillan co-pastor of Comunidad Cristiana de Fe wrote me and said, “I look forward to hearing the testimonies that come out of this…”  She was the first one in the midst of all the fear, confusion, panic, and disarray to suggest testimonies will follow.  My mind shifted away from news reports of damage and devastation, to see what might be happening behind the scenes.


Melissa, a recent parolee from Rainbow, was the first one to share with me.  In one of the shelters from the fire where we volunteered to serve a group of 30 some supper, there was a young, pregnant mother there.  As we poked our heads into the sanctuary where their sleeping bags were strewn across the floor, under the pews, and along the isles, Melissa began to share the hope of her faith in the Lord with this young displaced mom and within minutes she prayed to receive Christ into her heart.  Times of crises bring both the prisoners who fight the fires, and those displaced from their homes to a new reliance on a power greater than themselves.


Stories the fire-fighters shared with us continued to reveal more going on behind the scenes. One woman who talked with us at our service is a “saw” on the fire crew. This is the person who carries a heavy chain saw and cuts through wild brush to create a walking path for the fire-fighters.  The wind and smoke was so intense she could barely see through the grey haze. She lost her bearings standing at the edge of a steep cliff.  Two gals had already been thrown off it but were able to stabilize themselves because they did not have heavy equipment on their back.  As the forceful wind pulled her chainsaw towards the cliff she could feel herself being swept backwards.  She said she felt “a hand” against her back pushing her upright as she was falling. She caught her balance and was able to fall forward to her knees avoiding being thrown down the mountain. There was no one there.


The second miracle reported has a slightly humorous twist to it.  This fire-fighter was “visiting the commode” in the open air as she put it on the mountainside during a wind storm and suddenly she heard something crashing down towards her.  One of her fellow fire-fighters yelled, “Get out of the way, boulder rolling down!”  A huge rock was tumbling down the mountain right towards her.  “It was so big it could have broke my back,” she said.  She did not know which way to move because she could not see.  She said she did not recall moving in time but she ended up outside the path of the rock by mere inches.  It hit another rock next to her and cracked into pieces. She was telling us that she did not move yet the rock rolled over the exact path she was doing her business!


Angels on the fire-line?  I don’t doubt it.  And the miracles didn’t stop there!  Two women with pain last night, tired and exhausted from fighting fires — had pain in their back and another in her knee.  We all laid hands on them and the one with the back pain said she felt “heat and very relaxed.”  She reported her back was at least 50 % better.  We continued to pray for the gal with the knee pain.  She too reported it was better.  We figured if it was getting better that possibly it could be gone!..  I felt the strangest sensation of her knee popping under my hand as I held it on her knee and continued to pray.  She looked at me and said,   “This is weird.  My leg feels tingly from the knee down to my foot. ” She stood up.  “The pain is gone!” This was an evening of extraordinary faith because of all that had happened on the firelines. It was enthralling to say the least.


Testimonies. All that means is, “To say again.”    God is good.  We just ask for what we need.  We come as little children asking Daddy to make it better… and He does.


May the Lord sovereignly be known as a good God, through these horrific fires that have taken everything for some, and for other kinds of fires like addiction, death, loss which have taken just as devastatingly and may He bring a new and solid hope for the future.

Psalm 18:2 “The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer; my God, my keen and firm Strength in Whom I will trust and take refuge, my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower.”

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Cost of Love

I had a vision coming down the mountain last night after our service at Rainbow.  I saw it vividly in my mind as we were sitting quietly in the car. I saw a dark plume of smoke, blackish and widespread covering an entire city.  Under it were tentacles of grey dangling down.  (No, I didn’t just watch War of the Worlds).  Above it a very thin lemon-yellow layer cloud cover.  “What does this mean?” I wondered as I shared it with Joel and Marilyn.


The dark layer of fog settling low over a city blocking the sunlight from shining through. . . Who is going to influence change and chase it away? How powerful are our prayers?  Via media portals shocking stories of children being trafficked for sex we are riveted with fear. Stuck in the fog not knowing what we can do. The dark smoke mocks silently as we attempt to penetrate through it for we know the power behind it is stronger than we, yet the fight remains in our hands. This gnaws at our conscious. The plume of smoke layer is many ailments we humans are here to overcome. One that we are closely connected to in prison ministry for women is sex trafficking. Here are some organizations that are attempting to make an impact:

Night Light:  www.nightlightinternational.com

International Justice Mission:  http//www.ijm.org/

Not for Sale Campaign: www.dalitnetwork.org


We encounter a resistance as we attempt to help women see they have been sold a bill of goods. The bait of making fast money lures in a prospect of fine people — yet with poor backgrounds, hence the dark cloud is two fold. It works on the minds of people who are willing to believe the lies, and it covers up the truth from people who don’t want to see what’s going on.  Do we really understand what we are up against?  How do we intelligently and powerfully break through the trickery that hijacks so many from  true life-giving freedom? We see a simple solution from week to week. Almost too simple. But prayer is a powerful weapon to help stubborn minds make a change, to bring a power needed beyond ourselves.


The stories become more real when you hear them told by the women in Rainbow Prison and understand what they have survived. How privileged are we to meet them, listen to them and discover together a loving God who breaks through the fog, the smoke, the cloud cover of shame and brokenness.  Holy Spirit, the Comforter and Life-giver who delivers from the grip of apathy, moves us towards the biggest needs that lie beneath the blackish plume of sexual exploitation, Spirit of God. We love you, we need you, we receive you … we love you, we need you, we receive you into our hearts to be moved towards what moves you in this world.  With Your help we can make a difference, a change, and interrupt the work of evil among us.


Judith MacNutt of Christian Healing Ministries says she believes Jesus will ask us a question when we arrive in heaven: “How much did you love?”  Sobering to think of when an enemy comes to mind.  Sobering to think of when all else that takes up so much energy won’t even exist.  An unsung hero showed us the power of humility by washing his follower’s feet?  By being nailed to a cross?  By appearing to the lowest denominator first?  By raising from death and conquering evil for all time?


CS Lewis says,  “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket- safe, dark, motionless, airless–it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.”


Its costs to love… to see where love is needed most.  What we release from our hands, our own addictions and fears and need to control, frees us to then place (our hands) on others releasing the healing of the Holy Spirit.  What a glorious exchange.  What a privilege and honor.  We need to break through the fog layer of our denial and be led by His Spirit to be agents of change, “world-changers!”


Cindy Incorvaia




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Peter The One Who Got Out of the Boat

photo by: Artem Povarov

It’s always puzzled me why we spend so much time trying to be good when Peter, the most daring disciple, was the bull-nosed one, defiant, and bold. His life shows us it’s ok to make mistakes … like cutting off a soldier’s ear, walking on water then sinking on water, denying the Christ.  He undeniably showed us t’s OK to make mistakes!

Being in the presence of women every week who like Peter have impulsively put their foot out of the boat in the storm in hopes of walking on water, reminds me of their “true grit.”  They make the most potent believers because they are not afraid to go for it.  They’ll be the first ones out of the boat. The very quality in them that pulls them out into adventure, also gets them into trouble.  The goal to be “good” apart from the bold heart to get out of the boat and walk on water does not serve the rest of us. Those persons in society who know how to obey rules, show up for work, do the daily routines, yet lack a zest a luster for life.   I often wonder who is making the biggest mistake… And which heart I want to have in my life. I guess that’s why I volunteer at Rainbow. The women there are not so unlike me and together we are learning to get out of the boat with our eyes on Jesus and walk on water.

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Letter from Parolee (names protected)

Hello Joel and Cindy,

First of all I pray that you and your family are doing well. I miss all of you soo much. I just wanted to let you know that I graduated last Sunday from my CAADAC Certification Program and I am officially interning at Salvation Army Rehabilitation Program as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. By the grace of God. All praise and glory are His. Gods favor has blessed me abundantly. I am now registering for my second semester at RCC for my AA. Not bad for only being home 6 months. God is Good! I am still praying for my children, God is preparing their path and I believe I dedicated them unto Him they are His children. What is soo awesome is that I am interning at a Christian facility where the Lord is the center of their recovery. I have to intern 255 hours and then I am a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Yay! I miss my sister [still incarcerated at Rainbow] so much! You all are in my prayers.  I am thinking of calling and asking for permission to visit. Please send her my love and blessings. I also pray that [ ] is attending service and let her know I have a seat next to me at church and NA/AA/CR Meetings. My faith is continuing to grow and my love for the Lord is power.

I have so much to share with you, maybe one day we can get together for lunch so you and Cindy can pray for me. Every day on my way to school or Internship I play that CD “For was and is and is to come” and I think back to where I was sitting when you played that video and I feel empowered by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. HE REIGNS! Love in Christ, [ ].

Hello Joel and Cindy,
I pray that all is well with the family and life.  Jesus is so awesome and I am so grateful that he has been with me every step of the way.  I have accomplished so much in this past 10 months and I give Him all the glory and honor and praise.  I am currently working as a Case Manager/Counselor at a drug and alcohol facility.  I was so blessed to be hired on at one of the best companies in this industry.  I work full-time with full benefits and a complete employee packet with perks.  I am still going to school (10units this semester) for my Master’s in family therapy.  I have managed to stay focused with structure and blessing in my life.  My two oldest daughters are pregnant and are blessing me with two more grandchildren.  [   ] continues to be my home fellowship and Pastor continues to bless me.  I miss you all soo much and look forward so that I may come and visit Rainbow Camp with your church.  Joel and Cindy, I want you to know that you two have been such a big part of my life and a positive impact on spiritual walk as well.  You have my phone and please call me whenever we can get together.  If I am at work or school I can’t answer so please leave a message.
Now, as for my bestest bestest friend ever, I miss her so much!  She is in my prayers daily and I know that God is bringing her to a place of restoration and healing as He did me.  Please, let her know that I love her and she will forever be my sister in Christ and I still plan on picking her up and taking her to the airport.  I cannot wait for her journey to begin.  God has so much in store for her as well.  God is AWESOME and every day I still play that song “Who was and is and is to come” and it reminds me of that video you played.  Joel, I do believe that God’s healing came through your prayer shawl from Isreael.  Cindy, I do believe that my freedom in Christ came through your flags and Megans music.  Praise God and God Bless.  I also pray for Marilyn and everyone that ministered to me.  Thank you all so much.
Your sister in Christ,
hello my beautiful sister in Christ.  It is so nice to be adopted and not aborted!  AMEN!  I am always so happy to receive any emails from you.  You are so often in my prayers.  I love helping people at my new job.  I am a counselor/case manager at a treatment facility for women who are alcoholics/addicts.  I pray that God uses me in a mighty way to make an influence in their lives and the lives of their families.  I love our Lord and am so grateful that he never gave up on me even when I did.  As the holidays come up, my thoughts and memories are at Rainbow Camp, a place that saved my life.  I remember worshiping the Lord with all of you and realizing that He is King.  I miss [   ] and pray for her also.  I know God is doing mighty things in all of your lives as well as mine.  God’s favor!!!!  We are His children and He reigns forever!!  I hope to see you again
soon and be blessed by your beautiful spirit and presence.  Please keep in touch and remember I am forever grateful for the prayers and ministering you and your family and our family in Christ did for me…
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